Technical specifications

The company’s newest single-seater carbon fibre monocoque. Produced in collaboration with companies from the Pole Performance Nevers Magny -Cours and approved by the FIA in 2014.
This “low cost” race car intended for young drivers all over the world (under the aegis of the National Federations) is equipped with the latest FIA 2014 safety specifications and it can fit several engines from different countries. (VOLKSWAGEN, GEELY, FORD…)

Chassis FIA Homologated Carbon Monocoque
Engine Can fit all 4 cylinder engines homologated for FIA F4 (2L naturally aspirated, 1.4L and 1.6L turbocharged) Ford EcoBoost 1.6-litre, 160PS in UK Geely in China
Suspensions Double wishbones and pushrods, twin adjustable dampers, adjustable anti-roll bar
Safety To FIA standards: front and rear impact absorbing structures, anti-intrusion side panels, roll hoops, removable seat, head restraint, wheel restraint cables, onboard fire extinguisher, retractable steering wheel and column.
Aerodynamics Adjustable front and rear wings
  • Vehicle : 4341 x 1738 x 958 mm
  • Front wheels : 8" x 13"
  • Rear wheels : 10" x 13"
Brakes 2 pistons calipers
Transmission 6-speed sequential gearbox + reverse gear
Fuel tank 48 liters
Options Paddle shift and data acquisition (6.500€ + VAT)
Options spares
  • brake discs (101€ + VAT)
  • Corner with wishbones, push-rod and steering rod with links (1.161,5€ + VAT)
  • Monocoque with anti-intrusion panels (14.645€ + VAT)
Price 35.200€ HT rolling chassis (without engine and VAT)