F4 NACAM FIA Championship


About the F4 NACAM FIA Championship

  • Championship named F4 NACAM FIA Championship Certified by FIA, Powered by Ford EcoBoost
  • Powered by Ford: 1.6-litre EcoBoost engines
  • The only NACAM championship run to the FIA’s F4 regulations
  • The only NACAM championship which earns successful drivers points towards the FIA Superlicence
  • Chassis by Mygale: Carbon-fibre monocoque chassis, designed to meet exacting FIA safety standards, produced by leading European manufacturer Mygale and sell from Mygale America
  • Control tyres from leading race and road tyre manufacturer PIRELLI
  • 7-meeting, 21-race schedule at all major Mexican circuits, with TV and highlights promotional packages

How to compete ?

To compete in the NACAM Championship you must have a minimum 15 years old and karting experience. You need to have the licence from your local ASN and FEMADAC licence (Motor Sports Mexican Federation for Mexicans).You also must have a F4 Mygale Car otherwise you must contact a team in order to rent a car. You can find contacts of the teams in the following web sites: www.fiaf4.mx or www.rrkmotorsports.com or you can contact : info@fiaformula4.mx 


Latest news

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General information:

  • Mail: info@fiaf4.mx

Contact: PR & Partnerships Miguel Alvarez

Facebook: fiaf4.mx  –   Twitter: @FiaF4Nacam

F4 NACAM web site: www.fiaf4.mx

On-line Documentation: