Infusion sous vide carbone

Mygale offers its customers the opportunity to make use of the skills of its high performance composite workshop.

Accueil composite

Model making :

  • Handmade (with sections or planes sides) primer gloss finish.
  • Machined Masters (machinable boards prolab 65 and Lab 975 New) , CATIA files and 4-axis machining center .




Composite 2Manufacture of polyester molds :

  • Polyester and vinylester gelcoats (gun and brush application ).
  • Polyester and vinylester resin with fibreglass (contact application). Thickness according to specifications.




Composite 4Manufacturing of epoxy moulds :

Epoxy gelcoat , epoxy resin (100 ° to 150 °), fiberglass and carbon.
Contact or vacuum application.

Autoclaved carbon/epoxy prepreg molds.




Startification-au-contactParts Manufacturing :

  • Polyesters or epoxy in contact and vacuum (with all types of fabrics and PU foam or honeycomb complex)
  • Prepreg vacuum oven (up to 180 °) and autoclave (up to 200 °C and 10 bar) with carbon, aramid / kevlar and glass
  • Vacuum infusion
  • RTM
  • Oven
  • Autoclave

4 rooms for dedicated ovens

All our production is managed by CAM

References :

Renault Sport, Citroën Sport, Peugeot Sport

Veritas ISO-9001