F4 South East Asia Championship

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - December 14: at the Sepang Circuit on December 14, 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Photo by Peter Lim/Meritus)

About the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship

  • New Formula 4 South East Asia Championship (F4 SEA) certified by the FIA, commences August 2016, with up to 30 races in South East Asia
  • Condensed into 6 action-packed events to save on logistics, racing in Malaysia, Thaliland and Taiwan. (India, Singapore, Indonesia to follow)
  • Run as a single operator organization – one team controls costs.
  • Engineered by 36 times championship winners Meritus. GP who have 30 years of formula motorsport experience and were vice-champions in GP2 Asia 2010.
  • Mygale carbon-fibre monocoque chassis built to FIA safety specifications.
  • Powered by a newly-designed Renault F4R engine, based on the 1998cc F4R production engine.
  • Controlled Tyres supplied by Hankook.
  • Top 7 finishers receive FIA ‘Superlicence’ points.
  • Each race is televised and distributed globally with a reach of 60m households.
  • Local and international press releases distributed to over 1000 media centres.
  • World class driver coaching, including media and marketing trainning.
  • Data/telemetry shared with all drivers to ensure equality.
  • Open to National C licenced drivers worlwide – 20 cars on the grid.
  • Euro 100,000 fixed cost – best value in the world !


How to compete ?Jordan Love testing the Formula 4 car after wining the overall championship of Asia Cup Series held at the Sepang Circuit on December 13, 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Photo by Hazrin CRIC/Meritus)

You will need a National C licence and letter of no objection from your local ASN. Formula 4 SEA is unique in that we have set up a driving academy with ASN in Malaysia (AMM) for young drivers or karters to gain the points necessary to upgrade to an international C licence. F4 SEA allows drivers to earn Superlicence points.




Championship Promoter: Asian Autosport Action (AAA) Group