Danish F4 Championship

About the Danish “Renault Formel 4 DK”

  • Championship called “Danish F4 Championship”, started in 2017
  • Powered by Renault engine, 2.0L. Mygale carbon-fibre monocoque chassisbuilt to FIA safety specifications. Tyres supplied by PIRELLI
  • Open to 14-year-old drivers
  • Open to drivers who wish to upgrade toward the F1 superlicense or other drivers who have a national license in Denmark
  • Operated by the most professional and experienced team in Danemark.
  • 7 rounds, 21 races

How to compete?

Any national racing license including start permission is valid to race in Denmark

More informations on www.dasu.dk

Latest news

Follow the latest News of the Championship on www.formel4.dk